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About Kanina

Kanina Khas is a Municipal Town in Mahendragarh District of Haryana state. It is one of the three sub divisions of Mahendragarh District, with Kanina Khas as its administrative block. Nearly 60 villages come under this block. Although it is relatively a very small town, but it has always enjoyed administrative and strategic importance in Mahendragarh District. Below we’ve explored few very important aspects of this small town, which will surely help you to know Kanina Khas town much better.
About Kanina

History of Kanina

Much of Kanina Khas history is based on hearsay and beliefs, but over the centuries some of these beliefs have become very strong and today stand as undisputable fact. One such belief is that Kanina Khas’s history revolves around a local royal family, which had shifted to this small town some 700 years ago from nearby village of Bhiri Chhapar. The name of the forefather of this royal family was Kanha. It is strongly believed that present day name ‘Kanina Khas’ is derived from this name itself. However, apart from his name there is little information about this forefather or for that matter even available information on local royal family itself is very limited. Aside from this little known royal family, there is another very intriguing fact about its history. Since time immemorial Kanina Khas has been hub of food-grain market in Harayna state, which is why Kanina Khas is sometimes also referred as Kanina Mandi. A name that is still popular with popular with locals here. Kanina Khas still continues to be major market for food grains even today, but much of its yesteryear sheen has surely gone.

Economy of Kanina

Kanina economy completely sustains itself on agricultural sector. Kanina Khas region in fact has made a quite a reputation for itself in this sector. It is one of the highest producers and supplier of Rabi and Kharif crops in Haryana. It even exports these crops to many other states. As for local industries are concerned, then Kanina Khas does not boost many industries. Barring few small scale factories operating in different parts of the region, there is not much presence of local industries here. A pretty good percentage of Kanina Khas’s locals, however, are employed in Narnaul industrial estate in Narnaul, which is located just few kilometers from Kanina Khas town.

Transport Services in Kanina

Decent numbers of auto rickshaws do ply at Kanina Khas town. A big auto rickshaw stand operates outside Kanina Khas Railway Station, which is actually the biggest auto rickshaw stand of the town. Besides, many private jeeps and tempos also operate outside this station. They provide commuting services to many adjoining as well as far away towns and villages. Their presence and operations is very critical, as services by state bus services is pretty non reliable. As far as connectivity is concerned, Kanina Khas Railway Station obviously plays a very critical role. Although it is a very small station, but it provides direct connectivity to couple of very important cities. This includes Rewari, Hisar, Jodhapur and Bikaner. This station draws fair numbers of commuters from all across Kanina Khas town on day-to-day basis.

Kanina Railway Station
Station Code: KNNK
Address: Station Rd, Haryana 123027

Safety and Security in Kanina

A police station does operate at the very heart of Kanina Khas city. It obviously has been assigned the task of looking after entire law and order of this town. This police station, however, doesn’t have to sweat too hard to keep law and order in check. Because Kanina Khas has always been a peaceful city and as such no organized crime or any communal tension has ever posed any kind of challenge to local law enforcement agencies.

Kanina Khas Police Station: 01285-235136
Dsp Narnaul: 01282-251273
DSP Mahendragarh: 01285-220238
Control Room: 01282-251288, 100

Kanina at a glance

Country: India
State: Haryana
District: Mahendragarh
Population: Approximately 20,000
Pin code: 123027
Telephone code: 01285
Official Language: Hindi

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